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My name is Winthrop Boyle. I have put this site together with the help of my longtime friend D. L. Cleopas- Manis in order to let the world know about my discoveries. I am scheduled to travel to Los Angeles shortly and hope to add more information here after my return to Chicago.

My Ant Farm Experiments

I have grouped 532 ants into 12 different colonies based on their zodiacal signs and my observation of their behaviors during the moon's transits through the signs..


The Aquarian Ant is available online as an Amazon ebook. For links to the book and the free Amazon Kindle reader, follow the links on The Aquarian Ant Facebook page.

Precession of the Earth

The Earth's axis rotates (precesses) just as a spinning top does. The period of precession is about 26,000 years. Therefore, the North Celestial Pole will not always point towards the same starfield. Precession is caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon on the Earth.


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